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Many parents are unsure how to help their child have a positive first dental visit and often struggle with their own dental anxiety as well, but our team is here to help. We can provide guidelines on creating a positive dental experience that encourages your child to maintain regular visits.

If you are unsure how to coach your child in the importance of dental care and how to have a good experience, we offer three tips.

First, honor your child’s usual nap time by not scheduling their dental visit around that time so that they aren’t tired and cranky during the checkup. Similarly, most older children would rather attend their extracurricular activities than visit the dentist, and these schedules should be honored as well.

Second, children fare better in the dental chair when they have a good example to follow, so you may want to receive your own teeth cleaning first to let your child witness your positive behavior and know they don’t need to worry.

Third, if you struggle with dental anxiety that makes you fear dental visits, it’s important that your not adopt these feelings subconsciously. Calming exercises such as listening to soothing music beforehand can help you avoid feelings of stress during the appointment.

You are welcome to contact Little People's Dental at (801) 999-1426 today to speak with Dr. Thayne Gardner about how you can help your child have a positive pediatric dental checkup in South Jordan, Utah.