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Enamel erosion is a dental issue that occurs when the tooth enamel is worn down and weakened by acid. This makes the teeth very vulnerable to other dental issues, like cavities. It’s best to prevent enamel erosion altogether. If you’re interested in helping your child prevent enamel erosion, our dentist, Dr. Thayne Gardner, has the tips you need. You can do the following things:

-Avoid giving them acidic foods and beverages: The acid in the foods and beverages is what hurts your child’s little chompers. It’s recommended to avoid giving them these products in the first place and give them more tooth-healthy foods and drinks, like fruits, vegetables, dairy products and water.

-Strengthen their teeth with fluoride: Fluoride is a natural mineral that dives into the tooth enamel and strengthens it. This makes the enamel a tough shell that resists the influence of acid. Do your best to expose your child’s teeth to fluoride regularly. However, this is only recommended if your child is older than 3 years old.

-Wait to brush: If you happen to give your child an acidic food or drink, it’s best to wait a half an hour to brush their chompers. This is because if you brush immediately, the toothbrush will help the acid wear down the tooth enamel rather than stop it.

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