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Averting baby bottle tooth decay is the best course of action and straightforward. Helping your child practice awesome oral hygiene habits is the number one thing you can do to help them to prevent baby bottle tooth decay’s onset. Aid your child as they brush their pearly whites in the morning and at night, and aid them as they floss at least once daily. Reward their great oral hygiene behaviors so that the habit becomes a permanent one and protects their oral cavity for lots of years to come. On your next appointment, please ask Dr. Thayne Gardner about additional instructions for your child’s age group.

Children’s teeth come in at around six months of age, and teeth impacts children up to the age of 6. This long period of time when children are simultaneously at risk for baby bottle tooth decay yet incapable of brushing on their own means that parents and caregivers will need to be more vigilant in watching for signs of the condition and helping children practice great oral hygiene.

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